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Kelly Kautz Judge
VOTE MAY 24th 
Non-partisan Election 

Dear Voters,

Many of you know me as a mother, a coach, a volunteer, a professor, an attorney, a child advocate, a Gwinnett native and a former Mayor of Snellville. You know that I am a proven servant leader dedicated to doing what is best for our community. Now, I am asking you to allow me to be the next representative of the Gwinnett County School Board for District 4, so that I can do what is best for our children.

District 4 represents parts of the Brookwood, South Gwinnett, Berkmar, Shiloh and Parkview clusters. 

I want to bring change, but also stability to our school system. I want to put an end to blanket, one size fits all policies. Our school system is too diverse for that way of thinking. What works and is best for the northern part of Gwinnett is not going to meet the needs of the schools in the southern part of Gwinnett that comprise District 4. I want to improve working conditions to ensure that we are retaining quality teachers. I want to acknowledge that college is not the right option for every student and restore vocational education in local schools. I want to change unfair discipline policies and guarantee that every student is treated fairly and with respect.

I want to improve our special education services and streamline the IEP process, so that everyone is working as partners to do what is best for our children. I want to remove politics from education and restore common sense. I want to be a voice for not just our children, but also their caregivers, the teachers, and members of our community. Finally, I want to restore Gwinnett County Schools as one of the top school district in the state.

I am asking to be allowed to serve on our school board, because I have the knowledge, diversity of experiences, record of commitment to our children and community and the values necessary to serve. I am not a fresh face. You have seen me working in the community and for our children for years.    

​I have the experience necessary for this position. I am a former elected official. I know and understand how governments operate. I served on the Snellville City Council for 9 years. When I was elected as the first female Mayor of Snellville and the youngest member of council, I faced many hardships and challenges. I have learned from my time in Snellville, and I have grown. I know how to achieve stability for our schools. I also know how GCPS operate. My mother is a retired GCPS teacher. My former husband is a teacher, and I myself have spent time as a substitute teacher for GCPS. In a young school board, government experience is key.

I am invested in GCPS and specifically in the schools within District 4. I am a product of Gwinnett County Public Schools. I attended Lilburn Elementary and then Lilburn Middle School before graduating from Brookwood High School. My mother taught and coached at Lilburn Middle School for over 30 years. My son now attends elementary school in the district.

I have spent almost my entire life serving these school clusters. Currently, I am the vice-president of my son’s PTSA. I chair field day activities and the Reflections Program. I am the team mom for Brookwood baseball association. I coach NFL flag football and i-9 basketball. I teach catechism at St. John Neuman and help with the local boy scouts. I have served as a Mock Trial Coach and Judge for Berkmar and Brookwood HS. I have served as a board member for STRAP, a program mentoring our troubled youth and helped with the organization of LETTUMEAT! a non-profit that feeds meals to those in need. I have been a judge for school beauty pageants and FBLA events. I have been an ambassador for Shiloh Little League programs. I have participated in Principal for a Day programs at Snellville Middle, served as a guest speaker for career days and volunteer for Read Across America.


As a former Mayor of Snellville, I represented South Gwinnett, Shiloh and Brookwood clusters. During this time, I worked for our children creating programs such as Shark Tank and the Mayor's Student Roundtable. I understand the importance of giving our youth a voice. I was frequently seen in our schools and at school events, because I understand that our schools are the cornerstone of our community.  

Finally, I am a proven advocate for our children. I am a licensed attorney in Georgia and have been practicing law in Gwinnett County for 20 years. As former a prosecutor, I made sure that our children are safe in our schools. Currently, as an attorney/Guardian ad Litem for Gwinnett County Juvenile Court I advocate for abused and neglected children. I am their voice in the courtroom, and now I am asking you to allow me to be their voice in the classroom.

I am asking you to Vote on May 24th for me to be the next School Board Representative for District 4. I will do what is best for our children, their caregivers, our teachers and our community. Thank you for your support.


If you would like to vote in the upcoming election, but do not want to go to a polling place in-person then you may request an absentee ballot. Simply CLICK HERE to request that an absentee ballot be mailed to you.

New this year you must include a copy of your id with your absentee ballot when you submit it.

Find this year's drop box locations here.


Stay Informed

Thank you for your support!

March 7, 2022

1st Day to Mail Absentee Ballot Request

April 25, 2022

Last Day to Register to Vote

May 2, 2022

First Day to Vote Early

May 24, 2022


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If you are new to our community and have not yet registered to vote then simply CLICK HERE.

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