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Many of you know me as a mother, a wife, a coach, a volunteer, a professor, an attorney, a child advocate, a Gwinnett native and the former Mayor of Snellville. You know that I am a proven servant leader dedicated to doing what is best for our community. And now, I am asking you to allow me to be the next Superior Court Judge of Gwinnett County in Division 3. 

I am asking to be your Superior Court Judge, because I have the knowledge, diversity of experiences, commitment to our community and the values necessary to serve. 

I am deeply concerned with keeping our community, ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN, safe. As my record of service shows, I am also insistent on principles of equity and fairness. I believe that judges must be active members of our community who know its history, but also embrace its diversity and understand its future. Judges must be willing to deviate from standard sentencing in order to strike a balance between deterring crime through punishment with rehabilitation especially for our youthful and non-violent first-time offenders. I don't want to just be tough on crime, but rather I want to be smart on crime which means we must consider the law AND the human being. Judges should provide justice for the victim AND salvage the potential that offenders have to be positive members of our community. 

As the first female Mayor of Snellville, our community counted on me to do what is right and just. As mayor, I fought for my neighbors just as I have fought for my legal clients for decades. As a prosecutor, the victims of crime counted on me to protect them and their families. As a trial attorney my clients counted on me to be an advocate. As a former associate Special Assistant Attorney General, the State counted on me to represent it. As a professor, my students have counted on my legal knowledge. Currently, as an attorney/Guardian ad Litem for Gwinnett County Juvenile Court abused and neglected children count on me to protect them every day. As your judge you could count on me to continue to protect you. 


 During these uncertain and unprecedented times, my biggest focus is on the safety of our community. If you would like to vote in the upcoming election, but are nervous to go to a polling place then you may request that a ballot be submitted to you by mail. Simply CLICK HERE to request that an absentee ballot be mailed to you.


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June 5, 2020

Last Day to Vote Early and mail-in absentee ballots

June 9, 2020


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