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If elected to serve on the school board, then I will work to:


           - end one size fits all policies and assure that southeastern Gwinnett is fairly represented

           - provide foreign language as a special/elective for all schools and grade levels 

           - provide teachers with greater autonomy and improve teaching conditions

           - eliminate top heavy administrations

           - reduce student/teacher ratios

           - reduce the number of standardized tests and provide for a combination of formative and           

             summative assessments

           - improve special education resources and streamline the IEP process

           - restore common sense to policy making

           - return vocational education to all high schools and acknowledge that 4 year colleges are not for every student

           - assure that discipline policies are fair and equitable for every student

           - create a panel process that has transparency and where parents and students are comfortable having a voice

           - prioritize the health and safety of children in schools

           - create a process for students to have an opportunity to expunge disciplinary records 

           - rebuild GCPS reputation for world class education

           - create advisory boards for the School Board members to assure input from community parents, teachers, students 

           and community stakeholders

           - remove partisan politics from education

           - be a voice for students, teachers and parents 


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