1. The paperwork that you have received in the mail is an application for an absentee ballot NOT the ballot itself

2. You can fax the application to 678.226.7275 or 678.226.7208 or email it to 

3. You can receive a copy of the application for a ballot here

4. Applications are accepted and processed until 5:00p.m. on the Friday prior to the Election Date

5. The actual ballot is being mailed to you from the Secretary of State not the local election office

6. You may check the status of your absentee ballot on My Voter Page

7. Actual ballots must be properly signed and MAILED to Gwinnett County Elections

8. Returning the actual ballot requires you the voter to have the postage 

9. Actual ballots must be RECEIVED by Gwinnett County Elections not postmarked by 7:00 pm on the Election Date 

10. If you request an absentee ballot you can still chose to vote in person, if you do not return the absentee ballot but you must submit a cancellation which you can find here or which will be available at your polling place 

11. Early in person voting will still be available

12. Even if you voted before the shelter in place you still need to vote again- this is a new election for different offices

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